Castle Clash: Additional Tips and Information

An alternative strategy is to NOT build walls or towers. Arrange your buildings so that attackers have to destroy everything to get all of the available resources. Attackers are more likely to defeat you 100%, which will give you a 10-hour shield period during which nobody else will be able to attack (too bad if you have already built towers and walls – you cannot sell, remove, hide, or “level-down” buildings).

A related strategy is to buy as few buildings and upgrades as possible, which results in very low might. This allows quick and frequent raids with heroes only, assuring quick level advancement. The base is developed after the desired hero levels are acquired.


Castle Clash

NO troops because they waste space in your castle, only heroes. They are better at destroying and protecting you from your enemies.

Avoid using Troops in some situations. castle clash online Sometimes, Troops will allow Heroes to activate skills more often and this can cause trouble for a weaker base or weaker heroes.

Use troops in some situations or HBM waves. Sometimes, using Guardians or Archers can allow a base to absorb area hits from Spirit Mage or Thunder God skills and allow the owner’s Heroes to survive longer.

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