Castle Clash: Minister legendary spin wizard rare

As you’ve tried spinning gem is about 90% of the corn pulp hero to full minister as druid or slug (Slime), even spend a little gem that only the hero turns green (Angel, Marauder, Engineer, .. .) new bored: D

Before filming Minister heroes, the minimum you need to prepare 2,000 gem.


Castle Clash

Take a deep breath to calm down and start taking the following tips:

B1. In general recruitment section> recruited by Shard> Get to the purple hero named:

You click on the minister about 50-60 dozen times, then click the button to add a few dozen i corner again, yes this job seems bullshit but it gives very unexpected results that, you just doing so gone slices rotation formula minister will see the magic.

castle clash online The formula turned minister Hero rare as follows:


Meaning you will come continuously 4 times, each time for about 3 seconds.

Slot 1: Back packs 150 gem

Slot 2: Back packs 450 gem

Slot 3: Back packs 450 gem

Slot 4: Back packs 450 gem

Link download castle clash

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