Castle Clash A Guide to Hero Evolution

Evolved Heroes will get enhancements split into two updates. In this update, the evolved Heroes will have their base stats boosted. They will get more boosts in the next update, but it’s a secret for now. Only some Heroes will have a new look when evolved for now, while other evolved Heroes will receive their makeover in the next update.


Castle Clash

Evolution Requirements
1st Evolution: Your Legendary Hero has to be Star Lv 10 and Lv 180.
2nd Evolution: The Hero must have evolved once, and is Star Lv 10 and Lv 185.
“Evolve” will be highlighted when your Hero has met the requirements. Tap it to access the evolution page and check the materials required for evolving your Hero. castle clash online

Evolution Materials
You will need 3 materials for evolving your Heroes:
1. Evolution Runes
2. Red Crystals
3. Copies of the same Hero, Hero Card, or Hero Shard

Link download castle clash

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