Listing General In Game Castle Clash

Minister: the combat forces as well as the most important defenses in Castle Clash. General and protect home, just join all the battlefields in castle clash online – from Shantou, Mark Pirates, Cong Thanh boss to Mark, Mark Monster, Mat, Holy Land,…

So the minister improve your strength is the key to victory in battle. Gen. stronger by doing the following.


  1. Increase the level (basic): General will on experience and level up joining Mark Pirates, Cong Thanh, Mark Monster.
  2. Rising Stars Rating (basic): General started with 1 Star. When General grade 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 will have on radio stars to Gen. Gen. increase can continue to be upgraded. Gold stars to increase, Fame and Fire.
  3. Promote Move (basic): All Move are 9 levels, to increase that level more powerful attacks, must absorb the other Generals, Snail or slug in Syrian General Essences. (Details Guiding Tan Thu)
  4. Skills strengths (advanced): Chess start with any one skill, Move support for the main. Skills Each has its own advantages. All Skills are 5 levels. You may NOT choose Skills as well as for Skill level increases. The only way is Refresh Skills (Change) in Taipei until selected General Skills and satisfactory level. Each time consuming Refresh Skills 300 Jade. (Details General Skills)
  5. Mosaic Last (advanced): General 4 Stars or more can start the upgrade of Mosaic in Syrian General. When Mosaic grade 21 can take mosaic threads, raises Attack and Blood General. Success 1 mosaic of the same article will add 1 extra for General Skills. Make all of the Holy Land, or change in the Warehouse Badge

Link download castle clash

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