Magic in Castle Calsh

Allowed which are very useful in Castle Clash! As you can see in the first game tutorial, Routine used very powerful and can help change the world in the fight game.

At the first level, the Authority has not proved its advantageous. However, if you persevere upgrade Authority, we will become a secret weapon to help you when going to rob the players with “terrorist” after. Therefore, do not forget to upgrade the Authority and the Authority in it.


castle clash online

In the Authority by clicking the “Authority”. 4 cells allows. You then choose to buy magic spells that will show up at 1 in 4 cell allows this. Below is the magic box allows you might buy.

Click the green arrow in the upper right of each allowed to view specific information and upgrades that allow. The maximum level of each permission is granted 5.

The Authority Upgrade to unlock more spells and allows more cells.

There are 10 Authority and Housing Authority when reaching level 16, players can unlock all of the umbrella permits and permits.

Link download castle clash

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