Funtion Castle Calsh for new player

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Soldier, Daub, Fame / Publications, Wall, Ring, Power, Mark Pirates,…

To day we introduce  Soldier

Soldiers are important in Castle Clash. You will need a lot of soldiers. Soldiers not only help you fight the siege or to rob, but also help you to your defense when robbed.

Soldiers come Pirates and Cong Thanh rating not destroyed the barracks will return safely and happily.


castle clash online

This is your barracks. Barracks were purchased from The “Attack” in Shopping. After purchase, you click the Barracks and select “Careers”.

In the barracks, you will have an important decision is to choose the soldiers for his army. Press and hold the kind of soldier you want to recruit. Barracks level 1 will have 20 vacancies. If you want to recruit many more troops, you need to upgrade barracks to increase seats (+2 per level).
You need training to upgrade their soldiers into the most powerful army. The training was held at the Training. This is a very important architecture. Ideally, you should leave this architecture is always in a state of training. However, soldiers trained to higher levels as time-consuming and of course, the more expensive !!!

Link download castle clash

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