How to play Castle Clash

As you can see in the skinny to the right, save gems, buy builders. That is the number one thing to keep in mind. In order to buy all five builders, you need to save a total of 3500 gems. 500 for the third builder, 1000 for the fourth and 2000 for the fifth. It’s very useful to have all these builders so you have stuff upgrading constantly.


Castle Clash

Buying Gems Feels Worth it

If you are not concerned with spending a little bit of money, a great way to skip straight to all five builders is to buy the $20 package of gems. Honestly… castle clash online I did, and I’m satisfied with the purchase. That is a rare occurrence in the realm of micro-transactions in mobile games. The other huge perk to buying the $20 package is the pile of other currencies that come with it; heroes and honor badges are used to upgrade heroes. Don’t be confused by that either, you can lightly consider heroes to be another form of currency because you can use them to upgrade towers and other heroes’ abilities.

To get you started with your base, below I list out priorities that you should take into consideration.

Link download castle clash

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