Castle Clash: Versions: (Part 2)

Features of Castle Clash

Castle Clash online

  • Bring Pets to fight by your Heroes’ side!
  • Beat back hordes of vicious foes in Here Be Monsters!
  • Battle the dangers of the Lost Realm and uncover its riches!
  • Build and fortify your impenetrable fortress!
  • Pit your Heroes against other players in the Arena!
  • Create your very own Guild and lead it to victory in Torch Battles!
  • Join other players and conquer Team Dungeons!
  • Create the ultimate army from a dozen different troops!

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Castle Clash: Versions:

Updates Castle Clash:

  1. Added Guild Turfs, a new area for Guilds. (There will be buildings in the Guild Turf that provides access to all current Guild features. Guild Chests have also been added for Guilds.)
  2. Added a confirmation prompt when consuming high grade Heroes or items with Pets.
  3. Added a Heroes Compendium shortcut to the Hire Heroes interface for easy access to checking and hiring with Soulstones
  4. Added new Hero: Michael (Can be hired with Gems)


Castle Clash online

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Game Features of Castle Clash

Game Features of Castle Clash:

 Build and fortify an impenetrable fortress!

 Create the ultimate army from a dozen different troops!

 Collect and evolve dozens of powerful Heroes!

 Become best buds with a whole range of adorable Pets!

 Unite with friends and Clashers around the world to battle powerful    bosses!

 Join the Guild versus Guild fun in Fortress Feud!

 More exciting co-op and PvP modes than any other mobile strategy      game!


Castle Clash online

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Castle Clash : Upgrades for 2016

With the rapid development strategy and exciting combat, Castle Clash is a game of epic proportions! Hire legions of powerful heroes to lead an army of mythical creatures. Fight and attack your way to becoming the greatest lords of the world. With over 100 million users worldwide, it is always time to clash! Now available in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Korean.


castle clash online

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Castle Clash for Windows Phone (Part 1)

When participating in the war games Castle Clash disorder you must have fine-smart, creative, you have to build an army full of his demon and powerful, and you must incorporate strategies for defense and attack opponents more intelligent.


castle clash online

War game into chaos Castle Clash for Windows Phone allows you to rent and set up military units to fight with the enemy, you can increase your level up buildings either by Mana gold coins.

However, this is costly time but it is a very important device for you to upgrade your army stronger, eg you want to unlock to add more magic, you just pick features upgraded Relic Hall and then choose the army barracks hire, hire soldiers, etc.

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Castle Clash: Directions connector game account with Gmail

Castle Clash encourage all gamers to perform game account to access Gmail accounts to protect the game.

Without access to the gmail account, you will risk losing your account and have to play again from the beginning if

– Missed Castle Clash mistakenly deleted on the device and then reinstall the game.

– Switching to a new device.


castle clash online

Connect the Game With Gmail Account

To access the game with gmail account, check to make sure you have updated to the latest version of the game, and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Add your Gmail account want to connect to equipment

In the Device Settings – Accounts – Add an account – Add Gmail account you want to connect.

Step 2: Connect the game account with your Gmail account

In Game – Press Setup – Connect – Select Gmail account you want to connect – Connect Confirm – OK.

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Castle Clash: Minister legendary spin wizard rare

As you’ve tried spinning gem is about 90% of the corn pulp hero to full minister as druid or slug (Slime), even spend a little gem that only the hero turns green (Angel, Marauder, Engineer, .. .) new bored: D

Before filming Minister heroes, the minimum you need to prepare 2,000 gem.


Castle Clash

Take a deep breath to calm down and start taking the following tips:

B1. In general recruitment section> recruited by Shard> Get to the purple hero named:

You click on the minister about 50-60 dozen times, then click the button to add a few dozen i corner again, yes this job seems bullshit but it gives very unexpected results that, you just doing so gone slices rotation formula minister will see the magic.

castle clash online The formula turned minister Hero rare as follows:


Meaning you will come continuously 4 times, each time for about 3 seconds.

Slot 1: Back packs 150 gem

Slot 2: Back packs 450 gem

Slot 3: Back packs 450 gem

Slot 4: Back packs 450 gem

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